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We are taking things up a notch this year by introducing 2D and 3D reconstruction classes.  Yep, you heard it right, Marla is sharing her secrets for working with the dead.  The 2D Reconstruction class will focus primarily on working in full color and using the current overlay method by KTT and taking it to the next level.  We are really excited and we know the students will flip when they see their UIDs looking back at them ready to tell them their name from the paper. 

The much anticipated 3D class is a common sense approach to creating a beautiful, painted, lifelike, hard to the touch, portable 3D skull reconstruction.  Come learn these new materials and hybrid approach.  

Also, this summer, we are offering the Marla's Way 101 course in case you wanted to take it but missed it last year!

Hi, fellow artists!


Welcome to my madness. I've been told by other artists that my method cannot be taught, but when my daughter started working at the GBI I feel that I proved them wrong.  in response to the constant stream of others asking to learn my way, I have decided to share what I know.  As I get things started, I expect that I will be adding more advanced classes as well as classes in 3-d skull reconstruction.  I will keep the site updated if you Stop by often.


Learn to give your composite drawing life

Take what you have learned about forensic art to the next level

Give composite drawings artistic feeling and expression

Come sit at the feet of Marla Lawson and learn her method


a new approach to composite drawing